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About Frank Biganski, Photographer

Frank Biganski is the owner and photographer of AgentsChoice360.com and provides fine quality residential and commercial real estate photography and video for real estate brokers, agents, home owners, and businesses too. Frank has been a professional photographer since the early 1990’s but has has a camera in his hands since his pre-teen days. After high school, Frank began a career as a photo lab technician providing custom photographic services in Palm Beach, Florida, and creating custom enlargements for some of Palm Beach’s most notable clients is how Frank became so precise in delivering the best image possible. Frank’s photographic interest turned towards residential real estate photography after he became a licensed real estate agent in 2002 photographing his own listings, and he has been providing high-quality photography, video, and aerial drone imagery locally since January 2017.

Why Choose Frank

  • Frank is the photographer who will arrive to take your photographs.
  • No outside uninsured subcontractors entering the home.
  • Licensed and insured ~ $1 million liability policy.
  • Member Professional Photographers of America.
  • Over 26 years’ experience as a professional photographer.
  • Licensed real estate agent since 2002.
  • REIN e-key access.
  • All images are taken using High Dynamic Range technology (HDR).
  • All images post-produced using Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop CC, and Aurora HDR when applicable.
  • All images delivered the next morning before 10:00 am, including holidays and Sundays.
  • Appointments can be booked online with as little as 12 hours’ notice.  If time slot shows available, then Frank will be there.

Photography Equipment

  • Nikon D5100 camera with 16 MP CMOS sensor.
    (backup camera equipment carried)
  • Tokina 11-22mm lens.
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone with 20 MP CMOS sensor.
    (provides 4k high definition video and 16 megapixel images)
  • DJI Osmo Pro (for interior video providing 4k high def stabilized video).

Post Production Editing

  • Frank devotes an average of one-hour’s time post-producing each property photographed, and that’s what make Frank’s images pop!
  • All images are taken using HDR technology, which accentuates incredible details in both shadows and highlights as well – at the job site.
  • Each images is first post-produced using Photoshop Lightroom. This is part of Frank’s photographic “trade secret” where the first layer of editing occurs. Chromatic aberrations are corrected; vertical lines are straightened to ensure cabinets, doors, etc. are all vertical. Overall color is balanced and additional adjustments are implemented to accentuate detail in floors, cabinets, wood grain, etc.
  • Each image is then exported to Photoshop CC at 2400 x 1590 pixels at 150 dpi. This one resolution is perfect for MLS and print materials.
  • Every image is further corrected if required (lighting, contrast, leveling, sharpening).
  • Images are dust spotted (yes, dust-spotted) if required to remove any small minuet debris on floors or noticeable blemishes or marks on furniture that Frank feels may deter from the image.  Frank shoots a lot for agents working for investors, and flips are known to have a lot of debris kicking around.
  • Images are then uploaded to OneDrive for download the next morning, usually before 7:00 am and never later than 10:00 am – including Sundays and holidays.

Additional Services Included with Every Shoot

  • Rainy day grey sky replacement with blue embedded skies when plausible. This includes one or two sky replacements at no additional charge. Sometimes, exterior conditions such as bare trees or other conditions prevent blue skies from being edited into the image, without it looking bad or cheap.  Sky replacement is added at our discretion only, and at no additional charge.
  • Fire added to fireplaces at no additional charge, but at our discretion and when time allows.
  • TV’s should remain off during a shoot but when applicable, Frank will add a “picture” to TV screens at no additional charge. Typical TV images are of boat or bicycle racing, or parasailing.
  • Elevated exterior shots for larger 2-story homes or for pool shots at no additional charge (provide by our 15 foot long selfie-stick).


If you have any additional questions, please call or text Frank any time.

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