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Sell your listing faster using high-quality aerial photography by  We employ the use of DJI Phantom Pro 4 drones that provide 20 megapixel digital photography or ultra-high definition 4k resolution video with guaranteed results that will wow you and your clients!  Your clients deserve nothing but the best when it comes to marketing their home, so why sell them short?  We package approximately 4 to 6 aerial images with a regular still photography package for just $75, saving you up to $150 if purchased alone.  We also provide 3-4 minute motion video virtual tour video packages that start as low as $295.00 too!

  • 4-6 Aerial Images With Any Standard Photo Package ~ $75.00
  • 6-12 Aerial Images Booked Separately ~ $125.00
  • Aerial Video with Agent Logo & Sound Track ~ $295.00
    The video aerial package will be about 3 to 4 minutes long, depending upon background music track selected by agent.  Agent can provide their own opening and closing logo, or we can create a simple opening and closing logo with agent’s name, broker logo, and HUD logo, for a one-time fee of $75.00.

Packages may be selected and added to your booking during checkout.

As a real estate agent for over 16 years, and a professional photographer since 1994, it’s my goal to provide customers with the highest-quality imagery possible while informing and educating clients regarding the ever changing laws pertaining to Multiple Listing Service photography standards, as well as FAA laws that pertain to aerial photography. I’ve recently seen several instances where other local photographers provided aerial imagery for properties located within controlled airspace, and the photographer did not obtain FAA authorization which is required by law.  In addition, I’ve seen a few instances where real estate agents hired non-certified drone operators but operating a drone as a commercial photographer in controlled airspace without FAA approval places the real estate agent, property owner, and photographer in a position that could result in severe penalties from the FAA or worst, lawsuits that might result from an accident involving commercial or military flights.

Photographers are no longer permitted to call Air Traffic Control to obtain drone flight permission, as authorizations must now be made through the FAA website only.  Most all properties on the Peninsula are located in controlled airspace, as well as areas in Norfolk and southeast Virginia Beach.  Typically, controlled no-fly zones extend 5 miles out from the center of an airport such as Newport News/Williamsburg airport, Langley Hampton, Norfolk International, and Oceana Dam Neck.  Some airspaces fall within Class E2 controlled airspace which permits commercial drone operations below 700 feet, which obviously allows a remote pilot to conduct commercial photography operations without FAA authorization.  However, under all situations, a remote drone operator providing commercial imagery services must be certified with the Department of Transportation and the FAA.

It’s my goal to try and prevent real estate agents and home owners from being misguided by some photographers, some who have personally told me incorrect information regarding the rules involved with commercial flight operations.  Recently, a local photographer who took aerial photos for a well-known brokerage told me that it’s the agent’s responsibility to obtain FAA authorization, and that could not be further from the truth.  There’s no gray area regarding this matter, and the FAA has made that perfectly clear under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 — all commercially hired aerial drone operators must be certified and, they must obtain FAA authorization before conducting flight operations in any controlled airspace.

Don’t take chances with your real estate license… if you have any questions at all regarding having aerial imagery taken of your current or upcoming listing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me any time.  In order to be sure you are legally and financially protected from all liabilities, follow these rules:

1. Ask to see a copy of the photographer’s FAA part 107 certificate I.D.  The I.D. will be issued by the United States of America Department of Transportation under the Federal Aviation Administration, displaying the photographer’s name and home address, and the I.D. will not be issued under a corporate or company name either.

2. If the subject property is located within controlled airspace, check to make sure the photographer has obtained authorization from the FAA, which would be evident via an FAA approved Certificate of Waiver.  Obtaining FAA authorization for any flight operation is not the responsibility of the agent or home owner.  Although the FAA is currently streamlining the process to obtain FAA approval, it is currently taking 60 to 90 days to obtain FAA authorization to fly within a controlled airspace.  The FAA understandably takes this matter pretty seriously, as they should, especially with all of the military airports, and commercial airports, in our area.  Should the photographer accidentally crash their drone, or should the drone loose signal and accidentally crashes into personal property or causes serious injury to another person, the home owner, the real estate agent, and the photographer can face severe financial penalties.

3. Lastly… plan ahead.  As a licensed real estate agent, as well as a professional photographer, I understand that it’s nearly impossible to wait 60 or 90 days for approval from the FAA however, it’s just not worth the legal or financial risk for you to hire a photographer to take aerial images of a property without first obtaining FAA approval.  Part 107 only pertains to “commercial flight operators” and does not apply to hobbyists.  However, if a real estate agent has their own drone to take aerial photos of a listing, that agent is now providing commercial photography services and he/she must obtain FAA authorization and he/she must also be FAA part 107 certified too!

I just want to help agents and home owners understand the laws regarding drones and the good news is, towards the end of this year, the FAA will have “instant authorization” mechanisms in places that will allow a remote pilot to obtain FAA authorization within a few minutes instead of months.

To check to see if your listing is located within controlled airspace, visit this website:

Sample aerial video tour.  $295.00

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