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Sell your listing faster using high-quality aerial photography by  We employ the use of DJI Phantom Pro 4 drones that provide 20 megapixel digital imagery and ultra-high definition 4k resolution video with guaranteed results that will wow you and your clients! Your clients deserve nothing but the best when it comes to marketing their home, so why sell them short?  We package an additional 12-18 aerial images with any regular photography package for an additional $75 and for only $295.00, we offer a 3-4 minute video virtual tour video that’s perfect for homes with golf or water views.

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  • 6-12 Aerial Images With Any Standard Photo Package ~ $45.00 to $75.00
  • 18-24 Aerial Images Booked Separately ~ $125.00
  • Aerial Video with Sound Track ~ $295.00
  • Aerial & Interior Video with Sound Track ~ $395.00

The video aerial package will be about 3 to 4 minutes long depending upon background music track selected by agent.  Agent can provide their own opening and closing logo, or we can create a simple opening and closing logo with agent’s name, broker and HUD logo, for a one-time fee of $50.00.  Once created, this logo can be used with any future video purchase at no additional charge.  We can included a basic text opener and/or closer for free.  If we are booked to photograph the property, we can incorporate several digital still images into the video at no additional charge.  Unfortunately, in order to retain control over the quality of the end result and possible copyright issues, we regretfully cannot use client or agent-supplied images. Packages may be selected and added to your booking during checkout, and fully edited videos will be delivered via download within 2-4 days.

As a real estate agent for over 16 years and a professional photographer since 1994, it’s my goal to provide customers with the highest-quality imagery possible while informing and educating clients regarding FAA regulations and laws pertain to commercial drone photography. If you or your client’s property is located within controlled airspace, a photographer must obtain FAA authorization prior to conducting any commercial flight activities. Obtaining FAA authorization is the sole responsibility of the photographer, and not the responsibility of the real estate agent or homeowner.

When hiring a commercial drone operator, ask to see a copy of the photographer’s FAA part 107 certificate identification card. The ID will be issued by the United States of America Department of Transportation under the Federal Aviation Administration, and it will display the photographer’s name, home address, date of birth, and certification held.  These identifications are never issued under a corporate or company name.

We provide you with a choice of royalty-free music that we either purchased from (a Shutterstock company) or obtained from other royalty-free sources. We welcome sound tracks provided by the client however, all songs must be either royalty-free or creative commons, where the music is licensed and purchased but credit to the artist must be added to the video, typically at the end of the video. For example, the music for the Claxton Creek video was recommended by the agent, and song credit is provided at the very end of the video.

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