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This notice shall remain in effect through the end of 2020.

It is recommended that owners or tenants of occupied properties leave during the photo shoot. If that’s not possible, and when necessary, I will ask your clients to maintain ample social distancing during the photoshoot.

Depending upon conditions and situation at any given property, I may decide to wear an N95 rated face mask. Face masks can be frightening to small children so please advise your clients or tenants accordingly.

I typically move soap bottles, paper towel dispensers, kitchen trash cans, pets food bowls, and small toys or items out of sight so they do not appear in a photograph. Unfortunately, to reduce the amount of possible exposure, I will refrain from moving or touching anything within a home other than the front and rear door knobs, bedroom door knobs, and light switches.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Kind regards,

Frank Biganski

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