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Importance of Home Staging

As a both real estate photographer and licensed real estate agent, I’m often asked whether the importance of staging a vacant home is worth the money.  The answer depends on whether you want to sell the home for more money in a shorter amount of time, or not.

The 2017 Realtors’ Association Profile of Home Staging concluded that 77% of prospective buyers found it easier to visualize a property as a future home when it was staged, and 40% of those buyers were more likely to preview the home too. Living rooms, master bedrooms, and kitchens (in that order) were the most important rooms to stage, followed closely by dining rooms and outside living spaces or decks.  These stats also showed that on average, a staged home sold in 42 days verses a non-staged homes that took 198 days to sell.  So you be the judge, as we provide some before and after photos of a property with and without staging.

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