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Partial Client List

Bobby Jankovic, Principle Broker
Theresa Wackowski, Associate Broker
“Gorgeous! Thanks so very much!”

Joan Moore, Associate Broker
“Appreciate your great job on the photos.”

Susan George, Agent
“I absolutely love the pictures :-)”

Tia Stanley, Agent
“I love all your pictures. Great job on both homes. I am particularly happy that you turned on all the lights and the fireplace at the cabin. Such attention to detail!”

Gary Engel, Agent
Katherine Gill, Agent

Reico Kitchen & Bath
800 E Rochambeau Dr
Williamsburg, VA 2318
See Photos on Houzz!

Steve Heishman, Agent w/Verity Group
“Thanks Frank, I really appreciate you fitting us in so quickly.”

Heather Larson, Agent w/Verity Group
“Holy Hell.  These are the best pics I’ve ever gotten back.”

Robert Pickles, Agent
Nate Pickles, Agent
Duane Cotton, Agent/Builder
Hutter Gale, Agent
“Outstanding job Frank! Thank you!”

Ford Cook, Agent
Ryan “Red Ryan” Lowrie, Agent

Marshall Toney, Agent Williamsburg
“Your work is just UNBELIEVABLE!!  Thanks as always.  I will be a “fan for life.”

Robin Whealton, Agent Chesapeake
“All I can say is BEAUTIFUL….The pictures are all that….”

Johnny Parker, Broker
Susan Longman, Broker
Robert Rowland, Agent

Bridget Combs, Agent
“The pics look wonderful!! Thank you so much!!”

Johnathan & Rachel Beasley, Suffolk

Carol Neff, Agent

Traci Madonia, Agent

Maureen Rose, Virginia Beach
Beth Tanner, Chesapeake

Sandi Lent, Principle Broker

Shannon Curtis, Associate Broker
Kasey Green, Agent

Cindy Sieloff, Agent
“Thank you Frank! The photos look great – I’m especially thrilled with the front elevation shots you got with the bedding plants not yet in the beds! And, I really appreciate your patience with all the chaos yesterday.  I know the photo shoot shouldn’t have taken nearly that long.”

Kathy Durbin, Agent

Emily Underwood, Chesapeake

Christopher Fritts, Agent

Carmen Quinn, Principle Broker

Brian F. Saunders, Principle Broker
Kim Dunklee, Agent
Heather Furguson, Agent

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