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Sell Your Listing Faster!

A study conducted locally at the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia in 2011 concluded that agents have just two short seconds to grab a buyer’s attention when viewing listings online.  The study, which used ocular tracking technology, determined that buyers overwhelmingly viewed photos first before looking at any other aspect of the listing.  In fact, over 95% of the buyers looked at the photos of the home before any other aspect of the listing and if the quality of the images didn’t interest the buyer, nearly 50% of those buyers skipped over to the next listing without even reading the property description.  In addition, 40% of all buyers overwhelmingly did not even read property descriptions and those that did, read the property description last.

Sell for More Money!

Another study conducted by found that listing photos taken with a professional digital camera sold for more money than those taken by a cell phone or amateur camera. Homes that were priced between $400,000 to $499,999 which had professional photographs taken sold for an average of $11,200 more, and homes priced between $200,000 and $299,999 sold for an average of $3,300 more. Listings that displayed sharper and clearer images also sold twenty-one days faster than homes that only provided amateur images. The results are crystal clear! Sharper images equals more more money and less problems selling!

Proven Track Record!

We have a proven track record of getting homes sold fast… even homes that have sat on the market for months!  A very nice home in Seaford with just under 3,000 sq. ft. was listed October 14, 2016 and the agent only provided cell phone snapshots.  The home remained unsold for over 250 days yet in just 10 days after our professional images were uploaded to the MLS, the agent received a full-price offer and closed!  Agents, brokers, and their clients throughout our area enjoy faster sales and shorter marketing times when implementing our services.  Why delay it any longer?  Your clients deserve the best!

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